The story of your photographer

My journey began several years after retiring from the Navy. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even realize I had a talent for photography. I discovered this passion in an unorthodox way...through embarrassment and humiliation. Although knowing nothing about photography, my job required I photograph award events using the communal camera. Since I knew nothing about camera settings, I assumed all cameras were "point and shoot". During an event, and in front of others, I learned that someone had used the communal camera and changed the settings. I could point the camera but no shooting happened. I wasn't able to take ANY photos. This embarrassment lead me to take on the challenge of learning how cameras worked which lead to taking classes, watching tutorials, reading photography books, learning from other photographers and practicing...then practicing some more.

Initially, I was a landscape photographer. One day a friend asked me to help photograph a high school football game and...I was hooked! Soon I began photographing sports, portraits, weddings, business headshots, pets, events and graduations, to name a few.

Capturing those in-between moments, when you get people to share a genuine smile, a thoughtful moment, the look of one person expressing their love by the way they look at another, a person's joy with completing a long sought after accomplishment...yeah...those are the moments I strive for and speak to my heart. It's amazing how an unexpected talent can come to you and open your world.

Sometimes the most touching and heartfelt moments aren't the ones that are perfectly composed; they are the ones that compose meaningful emotion.

My mantra is to capture timeless and candid moments and...HAVE FUN!

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